Bring along your own crockery and cutlery that you will need while attending the Expo. This includes a tea towel. If you are flying in and this is too difficult – we will have some extras on hand. 

This is what we propose…

  • The standard fee of $300 is, we believe, good value.
  • People who contribute significant amounts of time in helping create the event can pay in Time Credits (contact us if this is the route you want to take)
  • People can pay in a combination of Timebank credits and NZ$. These are time credits earned through helping create the event. We will work out together what is a fair ratio of credits to dollars.
  • Those who feel they want to pay more than the $300 are welcome to do so. If you belong to an organisation and need an invoice to be able to do this, please ask . An alternative is to see if your organisation could sponsor some aspect of the event – airfares for speakers, or gift significant airpoints or sponsor the IT support we will need. This is a co-created event - what can you offer?